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We’re currently working on the translation of Epicard’s book.

That’s why we’ve decided to gather some information on Epicard in English.

Keep on reading to find a brief presentation of this device.

The questions, and the striving toward answers, come from within.

Mary Oliver

Where to start?

Epicard is the result of the idea of 2 Italian researchers, an engineer – Maurizio Stefani and a physician – Francesco Oliviero.
They created a device for the harmonization of the two brain hemispheres: the left hemisphere which is associated with rationality and the right hemisphere which is connected to emotions.

Most people show a cognitive dissonance between the two hemispheres that keeps people in a state of instability between their rational part and their emotions, thus allowing them to be manipulated and conditioned by the massive flow of information and disinformation from mass media sources (e.g. social, government, blogs, political parties, etc.).

Epicard raises the vital energy of our body. This is extremely important because the lower your energy level is, the more susceptible you are to sickness and disease. High energy is essential for health.

Epicard also works with chakras: it balances all chakras and connects the first chakra (associated with materiality) with the seventh chakra (associated with spirituality).

This card has two sides: one with a vortex and one with a chip. The vortex absorbs all energy congestions in the body, while the chip generates scalar waves that support the following 3 critical life functions: balancing brain hemispheres, raising vital energy in the body and balancing our chakras.

You can also use it to revitalize the water you drink: simply place the Epicard under the glass, bottle or other container of water for one minute before drinking.

Moreover, Epicard is very useful against the harmful electromagnetic frequencies in the environment; you simply need to wear it in order to be protected!


Epicard comes with a convenient plastic carrying case that allows you to wear Epicard around your neck, even when you go swimming.

For best results, always wear your Epicard or keep it in your pocket.

Please be sure you wrap it in a natural cloth (cotton, silk, jute or linen).

At bedtime, place the Epicard as close to your bed (on a night stand, for example) as possible, with the chip side always facing up.

Episcienza e Biofotoni - cambiamento e benessere

Why wear it?

Epicard works on the level of vital energy in your body.

Its chip is activated only within the magnetic field generated by the human body.

In our everyday life, full of stress and unhealthy habits, eating GMO foods or industrial foods with little or no nutritional value, our energy levels fall.

Epicard helps increase your energy level, your strength and your ability to focus.

You can feel the effects just after a few minutes of wearing it.

After sustained use, you will notice improved levels of willpower, awareness and focus. Your ability to manage daily issues will also improve.

How it works

It is known that zero-point energy is a form of primordial energy, generated by the interaction of two stationary Hertzian waves sharing the same frequency. This form of energy produces a vortex and an immediate and spontaneous change.
This energy is also called Spinning or Vacuum.

The chip contained in Epicard generates an energy vortex capable to send waves of spinning energy.

The propulsion system is based on a loop – a ring of instructions with GOTO command of DOS operating system in computer programming language.

That’s how the vortex is generated and maintained by the same vital energy, similar to electrons orbiting around the nucleus.

It is known that intentions manipulate vital energy. Therefore only constructive and positive instructions have been charged in the chip.

The card has been tested in a darkroom, through kinesiology on different men and women, or simply by checking its effects on his/her general condition.
All tests proved an increase of energy and a general improvement.

Epicard: le 9 C del ben-essere. Come attivare la Volontà Cosciente, l'energia vitale, la gioia, l'equilibrio psico-fisico e la pulizia interiore. Autori: Maurizio Stefani e Francesco Oliviero


Although Epicard has very powerful properties, it is NOT a medical device.

Epicard is not a medical treatment for any health issues.

For any health related issues, always seek the advice of a medical professional.